Brandon and Karen 2022

The Brandon & Karen Engagement Story

Typical story…..they had been dating for 2 years and knew where they were headed.  It started in a karaoke bar in college in Lincoln and this guy named Cool J set them up.  They both liked to sing and it was a weekly getaway from the stress of school.  Once they both graduated and started out on their own, it was time to begin setting up their adult life.

This has been the same story, different year for my company.  The names change and the years change but the stories and relationships begin the same way.  This is what has turned my company into what it is.  That is why you are on my website today reading about Brandon and Karen!  It is time and I am glad to be here to help you!  Click above to check our availability for your date!  I have multiple DJ’s, Photo Booths, and a fantastic photographer as you can see from my site.  We have 3 officiants should you need one!

You either have the new diamond on your finger now or are thinking you will have one shortly with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming soon!  Now is the time to begin planning!  We can help you!  Brandon and Karen like us!  You can too!

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