Top 10 Wedding Somethings

Just a quick blog post ~ I talk to many brides and grooms every week/month/year!  One of the biggest questions I hear is “do you think it is rude if I come up with my own playlist?”  

A playlist actually makes my job easier!  It doesn’t have to be 80 songs but even just 20-25 of your favorite songs so I know if I do have to choose a song, it more than likely will be one that will keep you on the dance floor!  We have many songs to pick from and can do an entire night on requests if needed but the goal is to keep you on the dance floor!  It isn’t our wedding, it is yours and I have heard so many brides say to me, I was at this wedding for a friend and nobody was on the dance floor because the DJ was playing stuff that nobody wanted to dance to.  THAT IS NOT US!

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