New Fun Photo Booth Stuff for 2020


Video Confessional Booth


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  Part of our Google Photo Albums will now include a video album collected from our photo booth!  Have you done something that either the bride or groom needs to know about before "Ever After" commences?  Our photo booth has video 
capabilities and beginning in 2020 we will be offering that service with our booths! 

Our trained Photo Booth operators have seen many different things and body parts 
designed to be covered up by underwear so please think of our operators as ships 
carrying a cargo that will never reach a port!  In all honesty, you would not be 
invited to the wedding if it was that bad so we will be sure to edit the videos very
well before we put them out to Google to verify we aren't putting you in a very
difficult and embarrassing situation!  That said, please video responsibly but be sure
to make it as entertaining as possible as the best ones WILL be shared to social media!

2020 ~  Video Confessional Booth  ~  Book Us Now!!



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