Welcome to it! Time to get life (hopefully) back to some kind of normality! I know many reception halls, photographers, caterers, photo booth operators, party bus owners, bartenders, videographers, and basically everyone associated with weddings are ready to get back to work!! Wait who did I leave out? Hmmm, DJ’s…..Karaoke people…..etc! It has been a long year! We have moved quite a few weddings to 2021 but still have dates available! Some of our dates have even been moved into 2022! Anyway, things will move fast this year! Book us quickly this year!

2020 ~ the year that couples hopefully found out that their lives may never be more difficult than planning the wedding that put them together! Whatever happens in 2021, we will be here to help! Great rates available now until March! Better rates available if we have done a wedding reception for one of your friends in the past!  Congratulations if you now have a shiny rock on your left finger!  The fun begins now!


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