Say Bye to the 9-5 (In Time if Needed)

Get Ready To Be Your Own Boss

I know COVID-19 and 2020 have been rough on many of you!  It has been rough on the DJ Business and has put a very big dent in the bar and restaurant industries.  It will take a while to dig out of this mess once we do get rid of this virus.  Back in late 2020 I foresaw some of these difficulties and began changes to some things about the way my business would operate in the future.  I wanted to keep working in the wedding industry and doing karaoke in bars but wanted to do new things with established business practices I already had in place.

So, long story short……If your hours at work have been cut back or your job has been eliminated I can help!  Very small investment upfront with the ability to go to work immediately.  YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS.  There are realizations that need to be upfront in your mind before you tackle this.

  1.   You MUST be a self-starter ~ self-motivated and be able to communicate well with others
  2.   You MUST use the word NO as a learning tool
  3.   Your success is based on YOU
  4.   Be coach-able ~ we aren’t going to toss you to the wolves and let you drown (you will have help)
  5.   Know Zoom fairly well.  With COVID-19 Zoom has become our best friend!
  6.   Be approach-able with a semi-entertaining sense of humor (OK maybe just approachable works)
  7.   This is not a 9-5 job.  Great way to find out how many hours those people work to employ 9-5 people
  8.   If you are working, this can be done as a way to help fill a gap until it becomes your full time gig
  9.   The sky is the limit!  Some of these products take licensing which requires learning!  We will help a ton!
  10.   The company pays for licensing and has online training to help with the licensing.  Large Benefit!
  11.   An easy to follow app to sit with a client and go through products.  Could not be easier.
  12.   This company is a nationwide company!  Start This Weekend!  Say Bye to the 9-5!




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