Wedding Season!

As wedding season gets set to kick off for 2021, want to get you you up to date on 2022!  Due to the popularity of our DJ/Photo Booth/Photographer Package we currently have, we are extending the price package we have through 2022 so all bookings for Fall 2021 and into 2022 will be at that reduced rate…..subject to availabilty!  I would call to book as fast as you have a reception hall, however!

Reception halls, as I am finding out, are booking fast for 2022!  Some of the more popular ones, especially for May through August of 2022, have sporadic dates left.  If you even think your fiance is going to the mall for Sporting Goods and are suspicious, I would have a private investigator tail him to make sure.

Our karaoke schedule in 2021 is beginning to open up again!  If you want to see us in action, follow us on Facebook to see our schedule!  Hoping to make 2021 and 2022 a great year for all of you!




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